Bringing you the internet you need!

Are you frustrated with low-speed or no internet service?  Help is here!

With funding from state and federal grants, Altamaha EMC is now building a 100% fiber optic network to provide our members with high-speed broadband internet.  

*No contracts            *No introductory deals that vanish        *Free installation

*No data caps           *Competitive prices                                  *Exceptional service

The network is under construction but will take 2 - 3 years to complete.  Click the link below to see when service will be available in your area.

You can depend on Altamaha Fiber to deliver the world's fastest internet service!

Altamaha Fiber -  Your Gig is finally here!

You know and depend on us already.  Let us now give you that same simple and honest service with the most powerful internet service available. Enough service to power your life!

No gimmicks, no contracts, just the most robust network and speed available from local folks you trust.

Future proof your home or business with our 100% fiber network.

  • World class speed and reliability built and maintained by your trusted EMC partner
  • Residential and Business plans starting at $75 for One Gig!
  • Enough service to power your TV and whole house
  • Ditch those separate bills for phone, cable, internet etc.  SAVE and just power it all thru one account at Altamaha Fiber!
  • Under construction now.  Click below to check when we'll be in your area